In the manufacturing world, exceeding standards for quality acceptance is more important than ever before. At Prosper-Tech, our goal is to always provide our customers with 100% on-time delivery and zero product defects. We strive to exceed customer requirements by adhering to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. In addition, we are always improving our Quality Management processes so that our products continue to meet the quality expectations our customers have grown accustom to.

First Article Testing

We are capable of providing First Article Testing for your product if needed; adding a Hexagon 4.5.4 SF CMM to our Quality Department recently has increased our capabilities for accuracy in this area. In the video below, Bob Devroy talks about how Prosper-Tech is using a CMM machine to ensure quality throughout each part of the manufacturing process.

High Tolerance Finishing

If you have a job that requires a high tolerance finish, look no further than Prosper-Tech. We are an industry leading source and our rigorous standards throughout the entire process ensure the result is a high tolerance product. Our experienced bench hands are capable of SPI finishes from A1 to D2 to ensure your job can provide you with an end result that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We offer "Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction" and stand behind our work. Our goal is to make our customers successful with their customers.