ISO 9001 Certification


At Prosper-Tech, maintaining quality throughout all stages of production is of the utmost importance. We are excited to announce since May 2015 we have been officially ISO 9001 certified in the state of Michigan.

What is ISO 9001 certification and what does it mean? ISO 9001 is a quality standard set in place that holds companies to rigorous efficiency and quality standards. Shops who desire an ISO 9001 certification must go through extensive training and review measures to ensure they can consistently deliver quality products. This process required our team to thoroughly review standard procedures and come up with ideas to improve them even more. We identified key areas in which quality checks could be improved upon and subsequently implemented them over the course of the certification.

We also established a routine documentation process to ensure that no page goes unturned. After streamlining our process for six months, official reviewers came through for our final audit. We are proud to say we passed and have been officially ISO 9001 certified ever since - passing all our subsequent review audits. At Prosper Tech, we will continue to look for ways to streamline our efficiency and deliver the highest quality products to our customers. As a customer, if there is anything we can do to make your experience with Prosper-Tech even better, please let us know.