Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool leverages the latest technologies and equipment for your injection mold tooling and machining needs. Our extensive expertise in design and engineering are the result of years of professional experience. No matter the project, no matter the turnaround time, we provide superior quality and exceptional capabilities in every aspect of our services.

Plastic Injection Tool Design

With the use of our CAD Design software SolidWorks, our team begins a design process that ultimately creates tooling to create a functional and mass-manufactural part at your facility. Our engineering team works together with our customers to develop new tooling or to provide a solution to a current design flaw within an existing product. Utilizing our CAD and CAM programs, we can also successfully machine parts with the extreme precision and unmatched quality our customers require.

Plastic Injection Tool Build

Prosper-Tech is your source for full production plastic injection tooling. The majority of our skilled employees have 30+ years experience in the industry, so you can expect a tool that will provide you with exactly the part you are looking for. Our designers fully develop and test your tool in CAD and CAM programs before it is sent thru the CNC machining process. We offer a complete tool management program and an expert staff to ensure your plastic injection tool meets your expectations from start to finish.

CNC Production Machining

CNC Machining uses 2D or 3D CAD designs to control and deliver precise manufacturing commands. The complex motions and rotations of the machines then create 3D parts and injection tools with extreme accuracy in design. With our advanced machinery and fast turnaround times, virtually any project is possible to meet the needs of a customer.

CNC EDM Machining

Prosper-Tech utilizes electrical discharge machining to burn complex geometry into plastic injection tooling. This process employs electrical current to remove small amounts of material and create intricate shapes. Material hardness is not a factor when it comes to EDM services, making our machining effective on even difficult metals that need the utmost precision. We utilize two Charmilles CNC EDMs.

Other Services

  • General Machining
  • Plastic Injection Tool Repair
  • Fixtures
  • Prototypes





Charmilles Roboform 4000
Charmilles Roboform 40



Other Equipment

Alliant Bridgeport Vertical Mills (3)
Mitutoyo Surface Tester
Miller ARC and TIG
KRW Arbor Press
Reid Surface Grinders
Radial Arm Drillpress
Tool Shop Support Equipment